One of the keys to having a flat stomach is a good digestion ; however, because we do not often have a proper diet , much less an adequate intake of fiber , the indigestion and stomach problems are things of every day.

FOODS  Difficult to digest

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Therefore,  we look at what foods you should avoid because they are difficult to digest .

1. Broccoli, onions, garlic and cauliflower raw. While these foods have excellent health, it is also true that if eaten raw usually cause inflammation due to gases because its delayed digestion. The advice is simply cook and ready .

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2. Beans. They are well known which are difficult to digest because they cause inflammation and gases. The enzyme needed to digest only in stomach bacteria, so if not used to eat not have enough enzymes to digest without problem .

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3. Fried foods. There are a variety of these and unfortunately include almost every day in our diet. Besides oily, are high in saturated fat , two factors that can cause indigestion and inflammation .

4. Mashed Potatoes. The mixture of carbohydrates of potato starch and milk fat is not as easy to digest for the stomach , so the result is usually inflammation . Ideally, at least one emplees fat milk or lactose-free for better assimilation.

5. Cereal Bars and sugarless gum. One of the principal ingredients of these products is sorbitol, which can cause accumulation of gas and inflammation in the gut. Prefers those who have another sugar substitute or having less than 5 grams for better digestion .

Remember that many of these foods can be very beneficial for your health, but you should always be careful with their use as well as having a diet rich in fiber and do some daily physical activity to achieve a flat stomach and proper digestion .

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