Born with the “fat-storing genes” that make you gain weight very easily, Andréa went on her first diet when she was just 17 years old after learning about the latest “celebrity diet craze” from a local tabloid magazine.

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Andrea Albright has been featured in the  Womens  Health and fitness magazine  for her successful transformation in not only losing weight ,  but also  getting the perfect bikini butt for which she is much more well-known now. Andrea  was not born fit and slim and  managed to battle and find a way  to reduce her weight  and get a perfect toned body and now has her own fitness program.

Below you will find the important facts and figures, I feel every consumer should know surrounding Andrea Albright’s My Bikini ButtAmazing Body Now and  “Reveal the Thin within”  book  which covers  weight loss and also body toning . Reveal the thin within is a complete exercise guide to getting firmer legs, thinner thighs, and a toned butt while greatly reducing cellulite in your lower body and losing weight .  download andrea albright weight loss program book

Andrea’s  eBook on fitness and reducing weight has not only been  a “best seller at walmart stores”  but is also rising in the charts in popularity  in the fitness industry online. Her fitness program reveal the thin within help you get  a amazing body now, with a  complete  fitness program developed by her.                       [Buy& Download ebook here]

She has  developed the program herself independently with help from experienced nutrionists to give you the  best fitness program to reduce weight and tone your body.

My Bikini Butt by Andrea Albright

What’s included in the book ?

Andrea Albright’s REVEALTHE THIN WITHIN  – eBook Review

The below details about the fitness program will give you an idea of the content that is included in the BB eBook  which will help you sculpt your body to get that perfect shape you want

THE BB Exercise program WORKOUTS:
+ Bikini Sculptor — this round of exercises is all about sculpting the whole body. So naturally, not only will you look great on the beach, but in all of your other clothes as well.
+ Bikini Blaster — here you get the moves that really do target your butt, hips and thighs. Totally aimed at getting you ready to wear the skimpiest of bikinis…
+ Bubble Butt — want an ass like J-Lo’s? Well, the Bubble Butt series of exercises is designed to give you just that: that amazing, gravity defying lift to wow member’s of both sexes…
+ Cheek Chisler — nope, not the cheeks on your face, but those on your butt! Works at those stubborn, hard to lose areas of fat to give you a hard, muscle toned backside that will have heads turning as you walk down the beach.
+ Butt Kicker — a hard, advanced sequence of exercises that provides you with some of the most rapid results possible..

Since 2006, her internationally best-selling REVEALTHE THIN WITHIN  Natural Weight Loss System has become the go-to alternative to fast dieting programs, pills, diet foods, and diet scams. Her unique approach to losing weight has inspired millions of people around the world to “Count Chemicals Not Calories(TM)” and “Throw Away Your Scale!” in order to achieve 100% natural and healthy weight loss that LASTS.

You tube video By Andrea Albright explaining  how butt cellulite forms and how to get rid of it

watch youtube video bikini but amazing body now fitness program  by andrea allbright

3 Tips To Get A Great toned body! – Check it out at on clickbank.

Her program Amazing body now also focuses on fast an easy lower body slimming and toning.

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Reveal the thin within Review


andrea bikini buttReveal the thin within –PRO’S
(+) The exercises are designed for all standards, providing you with a way to progress as you get fitter (and more beautiful). So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced when it comes to starting your training, you’ll know that you’ll be well catered for.
(+) Not only does the exercises work on those hard to target thigh and butt area, but it also truly targets cellulite. And, as we all know, this is one of the hardest things to get rid of, once that dratted orange peel look has developed a love affair with your body.
(+) When you join revel the thin within you also join a living, thriving community online of other women -so when need any motivation then they’re all there to give you everything you need.
(+) Never need to follow a ‘starvation diet’ again. With the sensible eating strategies you learn from the beginning, eating once again becomes a pleasure, not a chore…

Reveal the thin within CONS
We’re not going to pretend that getting that beach babe body is going to be easy. You do need to be motivated and work hard to get the results you want. But one of the best things about the program is that you begin to see results fast, and — as far as we’re concerned — that’s the best kind of motivation you could hope for…


This woman knows how to truly love your body, exercise, eat well, breathe and even blast belly fat! She gets how to do so with ease, efficiency and playfulness. Truly a woman that walks her talk.

3 Simple Steps To A Better butt and toned body



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Important Legal Disclaimer For Testimonials, Risk and Typical Results from Andrea Albright

Any exercise program, or even small changes to your current nutrition plan, asks you to assume certain risks to your health and safety. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure your health and safety, of course, however, any form of exercise – even walking – and/or dietary changes can cause injuries if the exercises are not performed correctly. This fitness program is no exception – and you should run fast and furious if any exercise or diet ever tells you otherwise!

My absolute number one concern is for your safety and well-being, so I’ve included detailed and precise instructions in The My Bikini Butt System, and I insist that you check with your personal doctor before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine! It’s wise to be cautious. Also, I have included multiple levels of exercise, from beginner to advanced, to further ensure your satisfaction and safety.

With that said, I offer you a complete, no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee. However, I cannot guarantee specific results due to the differences in every woman’s body, and even more-so due to the differences in work ethic. Some women simply work harder than others, and they tend to see better results, although this varies as well. It is possible, however unlikely, that you will not lose any fat or tone up your body with this program, and this is especially true if you are not willing to follow the program as instructed. This is only reasonable, and I am sure that you agree it’s common sense, too!

My personal story, and the stories of the customers on this page or other pages within The fitness weight loss toning program are 100% REAL. My photos have not been altered in any way, nor have my weight loss claims been exaggerated. However, legally I am obliged to tell you that testimonials from others are not meant to represent “average” or “typical” results from this program. They are meant to illustrate what’s possible when you are motivated, dedicated, and not hindered by unknown genetic factors that may prevent you from losing weight (and these are extremely rare.) So naturally, your results will almost surely vary — some women see far better results, while others experience less radical changes. Your history, genetics, and motivation are all factors in the results you will see.

I have a degree in biology, however, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. Frankly, I found doctors and most nutritionists were not of much help to me when it came to losing weight, however, many of my customers have had success when listening to qualified doctors and nutritionists when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. That said, I still insist that we be cautious, and that you pay a visit to a medical doctor to make sure you’re a-okay before diving into The My weight loss program and toning System.

Please see our full legal disclaimer for more information on typical results, risks, and our full testimonials disclaimer: Disclaimer for typical results, testimonials, and risks