In the West Hypnosis is counted in oldest types of psychotherapy and also a number of confusions are associated with it. There are many myths present no doubt, but the fact remains static that a person can’t be hypnotized against his consent.

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When hypnosis should be considered?

A good number of techniques associated with hypnosis are present, which combine relaxation with imagery. Individuals who are hypnotized move into a different state which is much related with day dreaming. The main goal is to focus mind for eliminating distracting factors.

Hypnosis was approved as a therapy in the year 1958 and same was done by the American Psychiatric association in the year 1961.

Relief from pain

In the year 2000 meta-analysis was published, which came with the conclusion that relief from pain can be achieved by hypnosis.

It can be utilized as an addition to many forms of sedation during surgeries. There are studies, which also suggest that for reducing pain that is caused by tension headaches as well as migraine hypnosis is very effective.

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For alleviating anxiety hypnosis also plays a very strong role. Studies have been carried out for using hypnosis as a treatment option for surgery as well as anxiety. There are studies, which have shown that levels of anxiety can be reduced along with blood pressure in individuals prior to surgery.

Other conditions

For different conditions the evidences related with effectiveness of the hypnosis is not enough.


In a research where 84 depression patients were involved and they were given hypnosis or CBT treatment for 16 weeks obtained results showed improvement. Interesting point is that more positive results were depicted by the hypnosis group.

Disorders related with eating

A number of studies have indicated that the hypnotic interventions cannot be duplicated and also their evaluation can’t be done. More research in this field is required for reaching stronger opinions.


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A very interesting question is asked by many researchers and that is can patients of this disease be hypnotized, but there are others who show concern that a psychotic episode can be triggered by hypnosis. There are reports, which indicate towards the fact that in some patients’ hypnosis can help in improving attention, concentration, attention as well as cognitive functions; however a detailed review suggested that present researches are very small, come with poor designs and also are outdated so they cannot provide any decent guidance.

Cessation of Smoking

There are studies, which suggest that hypnosis is capable of helping people in saying good bye to smoking. They reduce cravings, give a boost to will power and increase focus. However a detailed review in this regard pointed out that majority of the evidence which has been presented till now has been deduced from reports which came from studies that were not properly conducted or had poor designs. So it has been concluded that hypnosis therapy can’t be regarded as a much better option in comparison to the other methods that are present or are being used.