It’s a common opinion shared by many that naturopathy as well as homeopathy are similar. Actually a strong difference is present between both, like in naturopathy multiple approaches associated with treatment are applied like herbs, supplements and the dietary adjustment.


On the other hand homeopathy follows a single medicine system. Below we will try to highlight the differences.

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This is a term, which includes a number of natural therapies like herbal medicine, nutrition, massage and can also have the inclusion of homeopathy. The basics of this treatment lie in nature cures and all this combines to become Naturopathy.

The Naturopathic Consultations

Upon visiting naturopath you will get advises in relation to dietary advices, minerals, vitamins as well as herbal medicine. This is the reason that naturopaths are regarded as General Practitioners of natural therapy.

The viewpoint

Viewpoint of naturopathy is founded upon allotting environments which can act support from recovery from diseases.

The Herbal Collections

Different herbs as well as preparations that are taken from plants known as tincture possess a darker color and present with a stronger as well as bitter tastes.



It’s a scientific procedure related with medicine, which came from old medicine of 18th century. It provides a compatible medicine keeping in consideration the symptoms of patients. This is the specialty of homeopathic medicine here due consideration is given to life style as well as diet just like naturopathy.

Consultation of Homeopathic

When you consult homeopath then consultation related with assimilating detailed data related with patterns provided by symptoms is provided. The treatment depends upon the compatibility provided by the symptoms of patient. The advised medications are individualized as every patient receives a different mode of medication.

The viewpoint

The main philosophy related with homeopathy is related with finding medication suited with the law of similars. As an example you can consider that a medication of homeopathy made from honeybee is utilized for the treatment of symptoms of bee stings as well as swelling which show resemblance with beestings.

Preparations of Homeopathic medications


The medication in homeopathy comes in the shape of drops or small sized pills of white color, which possess a sweeter taste. Medicines are diluted and after that potentised from the basic material and this indicates that no toxic material is present and there will be no color present. Generally the concept, which is followed, is that homeopathic medications are herbs.

Actually the main point to highlight here is that a huge difference is present between herbal and the homeopathic medications, regardless of the point that origins of some of the herbal medications lie in herbs. But difference is present in the methods of prescription as well as preparation of medicine.

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In Homeopathy much diluted medicines are used on the other hand western as well as Chinese herbal medications come directly from plant sources.

Homeopathy gives a specified treatment for the illness of every patient on the other hand you are going to get supporting recovery framework from Naturopathy. Hope this clears the confusion.