The origins of Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and cures can be found in the old Chinese culture and has faced great evolution during the past 1000 years. Acupuncture as well as tai chi, are used for preventing health issues.

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Safety in traditional medicine ?

· Acupuncture is regarded as a safe procedure when performed by someone experienced.

· Tai chis as well as qi gong are procedures for cures in traditional chinese medicine

· Reports associated with the contamination of herbal products with contaminants are also present.

What is the effectiveness of this traditional method of cure ?

Enough evidence is not present for supporting that effectiveness associated with TCM procedures.

Point to Remember

Always mention in front of your health care provider different approaches of health, which you follow as this is very important.

Contextual Related Cures

Various practices are included in the TCM like moxibustion, acupuncture, tui na, qi qong and tai chai. The roots of TCM can be found in the old philosophies, which are 2500 years older. Estimations depict that in US during 1997 one millions followers of TCM were present and in accordance with the NHIS of 2007 3.1 million grownups had taken help from acupuncture in the year which has passed. The NHIS of 2007 depicts that 2.3 million people from America used tai chi also 600,000 used qi qong in the year which has passed.

Risks as well as Side Effects

· The herbal medications of TCM are promoted in US in the form of dietary supplements. The rules presented by FDA for such supplements are different and less strict.

· Some products are safe to use while others are not. Reports showing the contamination of products are also present. Some herbs make dangerous interactions with the drugs and can give rise to side effects or they may not be taken safe for people suffering from different medical anomalies.

· In some cases side effects associated with utilization of non-sterile needles has also been reported.

Primary Concept

· Human body is small scale model of the universe.

· Health is supported by the presence of harmony among two forces that oppose each other yang and yin and pathology is a result of imbalance.

· All phenomena are represented by 5 elements that are earth, water, wood, metal and fire.

· Qi is an important energy flowing through body and performing many functions related with maintenance of health.

· The practitioners of TCM take help from a number of techniques for promotion of health and treatment of diseases. Commonly used Chinese Herbal medicines in US are acupuncture and tai chi.

Chinese herbal medicine

Materia Medica explains a good number of medicinal products like plants, minerals as well as animals. Various plant parts are used and in the TCM herbs are given in the form of combinations and give to patients as liquid extracts, tea or powder.

Tai Chi

It’s a very old practice of mind and body.


A number of procedures which stimulate specified points on body taking help from a number of techniques.

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Standing of TCM research

· Evaluation of research depicted that 41 out of 71 organized reviews were not capable of reaching conclusions in relation to technique working for the conditions there are being investigated as good evidence was not there.

· In an analysis of 2012 which combined information upon individual members in 29 studies related with pain and acupuncture. Patients who took acupuncture got relief from pain in comparison to those who didn’t opted for this treatment.

· No investigation in relation to Tai chi has been carried out as prominently as acupuncture or TCM, but latest studies make suggestion that tai chi is helpful for bringing an improvement in balance in sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.

In case you are deciding to use TCM

· Don’t use TCM as a replacement of effective traditional care and never avoid health care professional because of it.

· Seek studies related with TCM for different health conditions, which capture your interest.

· Good approach is to utilize TCM remedies under the care of an able HCW who has received training in herbal medicine.

· Pregnant ladies are children must be given TCM after consulting matter with an able health care provider.

· Mention in front of your HCW different concepts related with health, which you follow and provide them a complete picture.